Gain insights through assessments


People are the most valuable untapped resource an organization has. Where do you begin when you want more insight?

Impact Associates uses a wide variety of assessments to complement the individual, team and organizational solutions we provide. After discussing your needs, we administer the assessments we've strategically selected and incorporate them into your learning and development programs. This might be within individual coaching, small group or team settings, workshops, or other situations. You'll benefit from the ease of our administration and the insights of our interpretation and suggestions.

Here are a few assessments that our clients find helpful. Contact us to begin your assessment process and gain insight.


Individual Assessments:

 EQ-i                             HDS        HPI        MVPI  

                  MBTI         FIROb               TKI           Strong

                    Change Style Indicator           Decision Style Profile          Influence Style Indicator


360-Degree Assessments:


 LMAP         EQ360

                  Emerging Leader Profile           Discovery Leadership Profile


Leadership & Team Building Simulations:


 Lost Dutchman      Paper ScrapersPaper Planes

            Seven Seas               Black Bear         Collaboration Journey