Change Style Indicator® is a leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. It provides leaders of all levels with insights on personal preferences for managing through change and provides context for how those around them might perceive and respond to their preferred style.


The Decision Style Profile® is a decision making assessment that empowers leaders to make better decisions by enlightening them on how to choose the most effective and appropriate decision-making styles for given situations. Each participant is asked to make several real-world business decisions. A personalized report compares the participant’s chosen decision-making styles to the most appropriate styles, backed by extensive research and a current database of over 20,000 executives and managers. The Decision Style Profile evaluates the appropriateness with which participants include others in the decision-making process as well as the extent to which they consider the five following decision factors:

  • 1) Clarity
  • 2) Information
  • 3) Commitment
  • 4) Alignment
  • 5) Time


Influence Style Indicator is a leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred styles as they influence others. The assessment tool addresses one’s dominant, preferred, secondary and underutilized influencing styles. The online assessment provides individuals with a personalized feedback report based on their unique preferences.


This leadership survey is an outgrowth of an extensive search for an appropriate tool for new or high-potential leaders. Research has led to the development of 60 items composed of 12 leadership skills and traits that influence a new leader’s effectiveness and establishes a foundation for personal growth. The 360o allows for participants including managers, peers and direct reports to provide feedback.


The comprehensive 360 assessment provides insight into an individual’s leadership strengths and challenges from the perspective of peers, bosses, direct reports and others. Based on research that identifies competencies critical for effective leadership, performance is measured using 40 items grouped into 10 competency categories. The results of the leader’s self assessment are then compared to the aggregated results of the raters, completing the leadership style assessment in order to clearly highlight strengths and developmental needs.


Leadership and Team Building Simulations:


Paper Scrapers® is an engaging team-building simulation that explores project development, design and implementation. Teams compete against one another to design, build, and market a tower using supplied materials. After construction, teams present their structures and choose the one that best meets specified criteria. Participants learn the value of creating, planning, implementing and selling their teams’ respective project.


Most managers would like to do a better job at ensuring employee satisfaction. They strive towards becoming better leaders, but sometimes, they need help. They need the opportunity to learn how to collaborate more effectively, redesign work processes, and manage internal and external change. Our award-winning change management simulation allows groups of employees to learn the value of redesigning how they work, internalize those insights and bring them back to their jobs. Plus, Paper Planes Inc. provides insights on how an organization or team can prepare for changes within their organizations. Participants play the roles of employees in an aircraft manufacturing company — assembler, inspector, tester and so forth. Teams have an opportunity to sell as many planes as they can make that meet specific visual and performance quality standards defined by the customer and also have the opportunity to redesign the process. 

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