The Emotionally Intelligent Manager®


Do you want more cohesiveness, innovation and collaboration than your competitors? 

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a crucial component of leadership, high performance teamwork, and successful interpersonal relationships in the workplace. The Emotionally Intelligent Manager® workshop, available in multiple formats to fit your needs, prepares you or those in your organization with the EI skills required to be effective in today’s workplace.  Participants in this insightful and practical workshop learn and apply tools to build competencies that predict success in the workplace and in life. 

Gain greater self-awareness of your emotional intelligence from feedback based on valid assessment measures – the EQ-i2.0® or EQ360®.  Learn new habits and develop new EI skills that will give you confidence in your ability to manage emotions, build relationships, express empathy, handle stress and conflict, and motivate yourself to higher performance. 


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