Developing Leaders


Your leaders – whether first-time managers, high-potential employees, or experienced executives – create the conditions for people to succeed. Impact’s comprehensive leadership development services will help you maximize talent so your leaders can achieve their full potential. Combining research from psychology, business, economics, neuroscience, and performance, our approach focuses on the core competencies and skills needed at different stages of the leadership journey. 

Using a combination of rigorous assessment, insightful coaching, experiential development, and hands-on deliberate practice, Impact’s leadership coaches and facilitators are your trusted advisors to help develop effective leadership practices and behaviors to lead self, lead others, and lead the organization. 

  • Lead Self – learn how to develop your authentic leadership, define purpose, vision, and values, and optimize your leadership style and influence
  • Lead Others – develop the skills to lead with emotional intelligence, build trust, resolve conflict, and lead high performing teams
  • Lead the Organization – define and implement strategies and plans, lead transitions, transformation and change, and effectively lead collaborative cultures


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