Communication & Team Skills


Collaborative teamwork. Mutual trust. Open communication. Creative problem solving. Shared accountability. All are vital components of successful, high performing teams.

Many teams lack one or more of these essential components ... because of this, they don't come close to their optimal performance. They struggle to establish and maintain the right conditions for lasting teamwork. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your group might  have 4 or 400 individuals. You might be interested in improving your leadership teams, project teams, or entire organizations. For all of these, Impact offers a variety of courses, retreats, simulations, and team-building activities to help build the needed skills and behaviors to excel in teamwork, tackle difficult situations & conflict, and improve relationships and communication.

We can help you:

  • Maximize team effectiveness by using meeting management tools, team charters, team agreements, and performance measures
  • Clarify responsibilities and accountabilities to enhance participation
  • Improve clarity and effectiveness of decisions
  • Analyze and resolve conflict
  • Expand the interpersonal skills of team members
  • Diagnose and resolve unhealthy team communication patterns
  • Identify and address the issues impacting team effectiveness


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