Developing Coaching Skills


Is it your job to coach others? When you coach others, what’s the most difficult part? Do they listen to you and take constructive action?

Coaching and being coached in the workplace might involve intense conversations. Coaching can produce unhelpful conflict that dead-ends, or it can be very productive. What makes the difference? How do you increase the chances of being an effective coach at work?


Consider one of Impact Associates’ ways to improve your coaching ability:

  • Participate in a coaching program that gives you individual attention using the Coaching Leaders approach described here. This provides practical, real-time, and concentrated focus, and we’ll already know your leadership development goal before we start: making you a better coach. You’ll see results during the program - about 4 months - and continue to see improvement afterward.
  • If a group of leaders at your company would like to increase coaching effectiveness, schedule our High Impact Coaching course for the group. This is a 2-day or 3-day course, depending on the amount of practical exercises and applications you'd like to include. You can take the course at your company’s location or an off-site venue. We’ll include follow-up consultation after the course as you put what you’ve learned into action.
  • If Impact is already providing workshops for your leaders, we'll include a modified version of our High Impact Coaching course within your other leadership development workshops. 


Let us know how to help you be a better coach at work.


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