Coaching Leaders


What are your biggest leadership challenges? If you could describe an ideal leader, how would you stack up in comparison? If your team is struggling, how much of the struggle might be related to your leadership?

These are tough questions to answer. When you are in a one-on-one coaching program with one of our experienced coaches, we’ll tackle your practical challenges, and you’ll improve your effectiveness. Your improvements will be noticeable.


Here’s how we work with you:

  • After an initial discussion to understand your needs and work roles, we’ll select one or more psychometric assessments for you to complete.
  • Our first coaching session will explore the assessment results, particularly focusing on identifying your strengths, challenges, and blind spots.
  • We’ll assist you in determining the primary leadership development goal you’d like to accomplish during the program.
  • During the next few months, we’ll meet with you – usually for 12 one-hour sessions – to coach you as you make helpful changes in communicating with others and understanding yourself and how your leadership style impacts others.
  • The coaching sessions are practical, and you’ll learn scientifically-based methods for changing habits – some habits that you may not be aware of – to improve how you connect with others.
  • At the end of the program, we provide specific recommendations for continuing your progress and leadership growth momentum.


In the coaching sessions, we integrate relevant information about Emotional Intelligence and help you master the emotionally intelligent tools we teach in our course The Emotionally Intelligent Manager®. Because the coaching sessions are close together – typically 1 to 3 weeks apart – we coach you in real time, solving real problems you encounter on a daily basis. We are flexible to schedule sessions based on your schedule.


Contact us to start a leadership coaching program for you or other leaders at your company.


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