Our Story:

Impact Associates, Inc. was started in 1999 by Ms. Kathy Metts and Dr. Vergil Metts. We knew then that our mission was to awaken people and organizations to new possibilities and transform human potential into peak performance. It is still our passion today.

We are serious and we are fun.

We work hard, we value work-life integration in our own lives, and we have enjoyable hobbies. Ask us about them.

We care deeply that you receive the results you want when working with us.

We are committed to that.

And we always guarantee our work.

A few FAQ’s:

Where are you located? 

Impact is located in Maryville, Tennessee.  We renovated a historic residence built in 1935 and transformed it into our office space. Our clients tell us it has a warmth that makes them feel good when they are here. However, many of our clients don’t visit our office because we go to them. We meet with you and deliver workshops and classes at the location of your choice. Our coaching sessions are conducted in-person at your office or our office, or via phone or video. So we are actually located in the place that suits you best.



If you customize a product or service for us, will it cost a lot more?

Not necessarily. We have developed many courses, workshops, trainings, and classes over the years. We routinely adjust and add content, keeping current with new practices as we determine their effectiveness. The first step is to assess your needs: we have a few conversations with you and others in your organization. In some cases, we conduct a short survey. After that, we usually adapt from our library of content. You might think of it as fine-tuning.

Like all our arrangements with you, we’ll be up-front about costs and work with you to satisfy your budget requirements.


You won’t make us fall backward and catch each other, will you?

No, we don’t do that kind of thing! But we do check with you as we plan the work to see if some of our simulations and games might be a fit for you. Our clients tell us that they learn well when they are having fun, and we like that. We mix it up by combining various types of activities. You won’t be sitting all the time!


Who would be working with us from your staff, if we work with Impact Associates?

Our Associates have years of experience providing organizational development and management advisory services in commercial and governmental sectors. We have worked internally within companies in leadership roles, and we’ve also worked as external consultants, with Impact Associates and other consulting companies.

In addition to our experience, we bring our knowledge to help with your organizational challenges. We are Ph.D.’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and we have multiple psychometric assessment certifications and qualifications (see People Insights). We have knowledge and experience in conference planning and corporate communications.


 Our Team:

Dr. Vergil Metts, Ph.D., President & CEO - Vergil's bio

Kathy Metts, APR & CMM, President & Principal Owner - Kathy's bio

Dr. Adam Weilbaecher, Ph.D., VP, Operations & Quality - Adam's bio

Dr. Cynthia Hackney, Ph. D., Senior Consultant - Cynthia's bio

Dr. Susan Ridgell, Ph.D., Senior Consultant - Susan's bio


Impact Associates has partnerships with other Industrial Psychologists who periodically join our team when needed to serve our clients.

We also partner with Ron Warren, co-founder of the LMAP (Leadership Multi-Rater Assessment of Personality), in providing LMAP 360-degree assessments and related services. Please visit Ron’s website to learn more about his work with the LMAP.


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